Vintage Silver Tea and Coffee Set

Date: 1963 -1964

Country: England

Stock Number: 7041

An excellent quality sterling silver tea set in the antique style. Lovely plain styling. These charming pieces are replicas of the most sought after early teawares styles circa 1700. The bullet teapot has a straight angled spout and tight closing lid with inset hinge. The dome topped coffee pot has straight tapering sides with a reeded base. The little jug has a sparrow beak. The small sugar bowl has a simple form and heavy gauge silver. Both jug and sugar bowl are gilded inside. Weight 1522 grams, 48.9 troy ounces. Teapot contains 1200 ml, height 14 cms, spread 23 cms. Coffee pot contains 1300 ml, height 23.5 cms, spread 19 cms. London 1963/4. Maker W.W.

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