Victorian Silver Vinaigrette

Date: Circa 1843

Maker: John Tongue, Birmingham


Stock Number: 7173

A pretty shaped antique sterling silver vinaigrette with an unusual wave decoration. The pretty pierced gilt grill is decorated with flowers, leaves and scrolls. Weight 24 grams. Height 1 cms. Length 4.25 cms. Width 3 cms. Birmingham 1843. Maker John Tongue.

Literature: The vinaigrette is a small lidded box which opens to reveal a pierced grill underneath which would be a small sponge soaked in an aromatic substance such as vinegar or smelling salts. The inside surfaces would be gilded to protect the silver from staining.

Vinaigrettes were generally carried whilst travelling in order to combat the effects of foul smells encountered in the streets. Women also frequently needed smelling salts to revive themselves after fainting from wearing tight corsets.

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