George III Silver Salver by Paul Storr

Date: 1808

Maker: Paul Storr

Country: England

Stock Number: 8369


A handsome antique sterling silver salver with a broad shell and gadroon border and outspreading paw feet. Fantastic quality as you'd expect by this prestigious English master silversmith. To the centre there is a large hand engraved armorial bearing the Royal Coat of Arms superimposed by a prince or princess's coronet. Weight 862 grams, 27.7 troy ounces. Diameter 26 cms. Height 3 cms. London 1808. Maker Paul Storr.

Literature: The Order of the Garter (the Royal Coat of Arms) is the highest order of chivalry. The motto "Honi Soit Qui Mal y Pense" means "Evil (or shame) be to him that evil thinks.' In 1808 there were only 4 royal persons entitled to use this armorial together with the prince/princess's coronet. The provenance of this salver is unknown however it would have been commissioned by the original royal owner either for their own personal use, or as a presentation item, or it could even been part of a British ambassador's suite of silver.

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