Antique Silesian Silver Tazza

Date: Circa 1730

Country: Silesia

Stock Number: 9468


A very interesting early continental dish of octagonal form having ribbed borders and pressed decoration. Large size. The spreading foot has matching ornament with matted detail, it is fixed to the top with the original rivets. The silver is of thin gauge which is typical of some early continental silver.  Weight 644 grams, 20.7 troy ounces. Height 8 cm. Width 33 cm. Stamped on the edge with Silesian silver marks for Streigau, makers mark, the initials “FW” and assay scrape, circa 1730.

Literature: Silesia’s borders have changed over time. In the past it has been affiliated to Greater Moravia, Bohemia, Austria and Prussia. After World War I, an eastern strip of Upper Silesia was awarded to Poland and the remaining former Austrian parts were partitioned to Czechoslovakia and now part of the Czech Republic. In 1945 the bulk of Silesia was transferred to Polish jurisdiction. A small strip remained in Germany.

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