Antique Carving Dish in Old Sheffield Plate

Date: Circa 1830

Country: England

Stock Number: 9447


A large and handsome antique carving plate with a hot water jacket. There is a well to collect the juices. Good plain design with a broad gadroon and shell border and decorative side handles and feet. A crest and armorial are hand engraved to the top border. The hot water is filled via a screw cap filler tube on the underside.

Spread across handles 65.5cm.

Outside measures - 59cmx47cm.

Inner rim measures – 44cmx33cm. Unmarked.

Old Sheffield Plate.

Circa 1830.

Literature: Old Sheffield plate (circa 1770-1840) was a process used in Georgian times to make articles from a sheet of copper fused with a thin sheet of sterling silver. This process predates the silver plating done today (electroplating) which started in the 1840s. The majority of these silverwares were made in Sheffield, UK (hence the term Old Sheffield plate) which was a major UK centre for silver production. Most articles made from Old Sheffield plate are unmarked. The date can be determined from the style and manufacture.

Signed/Inscribed: “Tace aut Face” motto of the Scott and Burges families. It means “Be Silent or Do”

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