Canteen of Georgian Silver Cutlery for 12

Date: 1812 -1815

Maker: Eley, Fearn & Chawner

Country: England

Stock Number: 9254


An extensive set of antique sterling silver cutlery for 12 people. 84 pieces. Very elegant fiddle, thread and shell pattern. Together with a full set of vintage sterling silver knives. The flatware all has a hand engraved crest of an elephant.

Weight excluding knives 3288 grams, 105.7 troy ounces.

Flatware all by Eley Fearn & Chawner London 1812 (except the 12 dessert forks London 1815, no makers mark).

Knives by Vanders, Sheffield 1982.

12 dinner forks 995 grams L20.5 cm
12 large spoons 942 grams L22 cm
12 dessert forks 537 grams L17.2 cm
12 dessert spoons 536 grams L18 cm
12 teaspoons 278 grams L14.6 cm
12 dinner knives with silver handles, plain stainless blades L25.5 cm
12 dessert knives with silver handles, plain stainless blades L22 cm

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