Antique Silver Wager Cup

Date: Circa 1890

Country: Netherlands

Stock Number: 9286


An antique silver model of a windmill mounted on a wine cup. Hand engraved. Beautifully constructed with multiple moving parts. The windmill house is reached by a staircase with two sculptured figures climbing up, on one side there is a man peeping out of a small window. The revolving windmill sails connect to the clock hands on the other side and both move together. The roof is mounted with a revolving flag, a tiny bird and a sculptured finial. There is a horn which is non-functional.

Weight 203 grams, 6.5 troy ounces.

Height 22.5 cm. Diameter of cup 8.5 cm.

Fully stamped with Dutch silver marks fpr Amsterdam.

Circa 1890.

Literature: Wager cups. Windmill cups were used as a drinking game. First fill the cup up with a liquor of choice and spin the windmill sails (either by hand or by blowing the horn). The challenge is to drink the contents of the cup before the sails stop. The clock hands on some windmills also revolve with the sails and a penalty would be due depending on the number where the hand (pointer) stopped.

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