Russian Silver Casket

Date: Circa 1890

Country: Russia

Stock Number: 9108

A 19th century Russian (Georgia) silver filigree casket of rectangular form and raised on four scroll feet. The quality of the filigree work is exquisite. The hinged lid with domed centre has an applied flower to each corner and to the centre. There is a folding catch to the front and swing handles either side. Weight 234 grams, 7.5 troy oz. Length 13.5 cm. Width 8.5 cm. height 8.5 cm. Russian silver stamps for Tbilissi, Georgia 1882-1898. 84 zolotnik silver grade*. Maker's mark KC (KS).

Literature: *Russian silver fineness is measured in zolotniks and there are 96 zolotniks to the Russian pound. 84 zolotniks corresponds to 875 parts per 1000 silver whereas sterling silver has 925 parts per 1000 silver.

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