Pair of Antique Dutch Silver Table Birds

Date: 1928 -1931

Country: Netherlands

Stock Number: 7861

An excellent quality pair of antique silver model birds, we think these are woodcocks, with excellent weight and extremely fine detail. They are magnificently hand chased from beak to tail tip.

The woodcock are shown with the male bird standing, surveying his surroundings with his beak slightly open. The female is bending down pecking for food. Total weight 1095 grams, 31.1 troy ounces.

Male – weight 563 grams, 18.1 troy ounces, height 16.25 cms, spread 26.5 cms.
Female – 532 grams, 17.1 troy ounces, height 12 cms, spread 27 cms.
Both marked on the edge of the wing with English silver import marks for London 1928 (female) and 1931 (male), importer Adolph Barsach Davis. The male also has a Dutch lion silver mark on the tip of his tail (we've not been able to find a similar mark on the female).

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