Antique Silver Knights on Horse Back

Date: Circa 1900

Maker: B Neresheimer & Sohnes (1893), Later Ludwig Neresheimer & Co

Country: Germany

Stock Number: 8839

An exceptional pair of antique German silver table ornaments in the form of large model knights in armour, each astride a galloping horse. These are particularly nice examples in terms of size and also the quality of workmanship. Weight 1490 and 1507 grams, total weight 2997 grams, 96.3 troy ounces. Height 30 cms. Spread 37.5 cms including the lance. Base 20.5 x 10 cms. Marked on top of the base with German silver marks crown and moon, and Germany. Makers mark "n" for Neresheimer. Circa 1900.
The knights have bakelite faces and helmets with hinged visors which can be opened and closed; in the right hand they each hold a jousting pole, or lance, and in the left they clasp the horse's reins. The models are very intricate with many separate pieces assembled together such as the sword, jousting pole, sword, stirrups and horse bridal. The bases have a naturalist finish representing a grassy field with frogs and lizards and around the bottom edge there is a pierced silver panel with trailing foliage.
Although similar in size and stance, these models are significantly different in the decoration of the war horse armour and head embellishments.
Literature: Heraldry emerged at a time during the mid-12 century when fighting men became unrecognisable inside their suits of armour to both friend and foe alike. It soon emerged that by decorating the armour, particularly the shield, with a design that was unique to that particular person it could also be seen from a distance. Heraldry began to grow into a science of heraldry with its own unique language and system of laws to regulate and record it accurately.

Signed/Inscribed: Germany. Makers mark "n" for Neresheimer. Circa 1900.

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