Wine Coolers, Jugs & Ewers, Wine Funnels, Wine Accessories, Cocktail & Bar, Coasters/Bottle Holders. Alcohol has its roots in Ancient History. Beer jugs were made as early as 10,000 BC, vineyards were planted back in Biblical times and the ancient Egyptians enjoyed both beer and wine. The Chinese considered alcohol as a spiritual food. In England, drinking water was not commonly available until the late 19th century and so beer, the people’s beverage, was drunk as a substitute for water. Wine, imported from France, Germany, Spain and Portugal, was expensive and consumed by the wealthy classes. Alcohol spirits were readily available since the Middle Ages, brandy being originally produced for medicinal purposes and only available in apothecaries. Over the centuries, drinking has played an important role in increasing the enjoyment of life. Not only a social pleasure and an aid to relaxation but “a small tipple” also greatly enhances the pleasure of eating.

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  1. A Georgian Silver Flask

    A Georgian Silver Flask

    Imagine our delight when we received the following piece of research on the subject of a recently acquired item of stock, namely...
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