Bowls, Dishes & Baskets Trays, Salvers & Plates Condiments & Cutlery Table Decoration Covered Serving Dishes & Sauceboats Antique silver is one of the oldest and most rewarding collecting fields. What could be more enjoyable than to gradually build a selection of quality silverware to use at mealtimes and decorate the dining table? There is a dazzling choice of antique silver bowls, dishes and baskets to choose from in many differing styles from baroque, rococo and classical through to Regency and Victorian. Dinner plates and serving trays were usually made for grand households and often come with finely engraved coats of arms. Smaller pieces such as silver sauce boats and condiments are an ideal starting point for the collector and items such as table salts, silver peppers and mustard pots are always popular. Silver table cutlery is available in a wide variety of patterns and can be bought in complete sets or built up piece by piece. Before the 18th century the only items of table silver made in any quantity were spoons. Forks were rare prior to the 18th century and sets of table cutlery only started to become available from the late 18th century. In many countries the art of table decoration is highly prized and nothing can be more beautiful than an antique centrepiece bowl filled with fresh flowers or a silver table epergne gracefully decked with sweets and candies. Smaller accessories, such as menu holders, napkin rings, cutlery rests and spoon trays, will add the finishing touches to a table display. Silver table birds make a marvellous talking point.

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  1. The Ultimate Status Symbol

    The Ultimate Status Symbol

    The beautiful model sailing ship, known as a Nef (Neff), first came into use during the 13th century. Originating from the continent...
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  2. Chinoiserie Silver

    Chinoiserie Silver

    Flat chased silver “in the Chinese taste” is a very satisfying collecting field and these delightful pieces of early silver make a...
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  3. A Qing Dynasty Mixed Metals Confection

    A Qing Dynasty Mixed Metals Confection

    One of the remarkable sides to dealing in antique silverware is the way in which these inanimate objects seem to have a...
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