Antique Silver Bowls. Tea was introduced into England during the 17th century and the first small bowls were Tea Bowls circa 1680. Small Antique Silver Sugar Bowls appeared c.1710 and the early examples often had covers. The octagonal shape is particularly prized. The larger Antique Silver Punch Bowls were introduced in the late 17th century. Food at this time was heavily spiced and a cooling drink was needed such as wine or the newly fashionable punch. Hence the requirement for a large bowl which could be filled with either a drink or ice. Some were fitted with a shaped removable rim which could be used to hold stem glasses, punch ladle and lemon squeezer and a bowl of this type is referred to as a Monteith. Antique Silver Dishes were originally made for very specific purposes such as the shell “butter” dishes and scalloped “strawberry dishes” (also known as “salad dishes”) which first appeared in the early 1700’s. During the later 18th and 19th centuries an extensive range of small open silver dishes evolved which make a practical addition to any dining table. Antique Silver Baskets. Large baskets are nearly always described as cake baskets but were more commonly used for bread and fruit. Although 17th century versions are known to exist they were not commonly found until about 1735 onwards. Early examples usually have side handles or no handles and tend to be considerably heavier than George III examples and later. Sweetmeat Baskets are usually miniature versions of a cake basket of the same period. This useful item is still made today but with a change of use as a bonbon or sugar basket (sugar baskets are either unpierced or contain a glass liner).

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