James II Silver Tumbler Cup

Date: 1686

Maker: John Sutton

Country: England

Stock Number: 7726

A rare early English sterling silver cup of simple plain design. A superb example. There is a large contemporary hand engraved armorial to the front contained within plumage, the arms of Rous of Henham Hall, Suffolk. The round and weighted base allows the cup to stay upright when knocked from side to side. Good gauge silver. Light gilt interior. Contains 200 ml. Weight 140 grams, 4.5 troy ounces. Height 6 cms. Diameter 7.75 cms. London 1686. Maker John Sutton (Jackson Revised page 132)

Literature: Tumbler cups were made from the mid 17th century. They are made from thick gauge sheet silver which was hammered up so that the sides become thinner towards the top and the rounded base would have the greater weight. When they are knocked over they will automatically right themselves.

Arms. Sir John Rous, 2nd baronet, was High Sherriff of Suffolk in 1678, MP for Eye, 1687 and MP for Suffolk, 1689/90, dying in 1730.

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