Irish Silver Spoon Tray

Date: Circa 1750

Maker: John Laughlin Of Dublin

Country: Ireland

Stock Number: 8009

A small antique silver tray of oval form with a ribbed and scalloped border. Uninscribed. Weight 66 grams, 2.1 troy ounces. There is a scratch weight underneath of 2.7. Top measures 18 x 8.5 cms. Sterling silver. Stamped on top with the Dublin mark, Hibernia and makers mark for John Laughlin. Circa 1750.

Literature: Tea drinking became fashionable during the first half of the 18th century and part of the hostess's tea silver would have been a spoon tray. On this would have been placed a teaspoon and a mote spoon (for straining tea leaves). These spoons were made by specialist flatware makers and are never found with these trays.

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