Georgian Silver Bread Dish by Paul Storr

Date: 1799

Maker: Paul Storr

Country: England

Stock Number: 7820

A fine quality and very substantial antique sterling silver dish of oval form with a half fluted body and gadroon border. Large size. Excellent quality and good gauge silver as you'd expect from this world famous English silversmith. To the front there is a hand engraved crest with the motto "Jour de ma vie"*. Weight 1296 grams, 41.6 troy ounces. Top measures 34.5 x 22 cms. Height 13 cms. London 1799. Maker Paul Storr.

Literature: The arms borne by the Irish branch of the West family were confirmed in 1805 to James West (who afterwards married Mrs Rumbold-Lyster and assumed by Royal Licence the name of Lyster) by the Ulster King of Arms as having been 'borne by him and his ancestors'. A 'confirmation' is only granted on proof of 'user' for at least three generations or 100 years.

The original confirmation to James West is in the office of the Ulster King of Arms in Dublin and in 1905 Erskine Eyre West took out a confirmation of these arms to the descendents of Matthew West 1 (1746 - 1806), exactly as they were confirmed to James West and his descendents, James West was the youngest brother of Jacob West II and Matthew West II, all three being sons of Matthew West I.

*Jour de ma vie'
A West, a la Warr and a Pelham took King John of France prisoner at Poitiers in 1356, The West was knighted on the field of battle by the Black Prince and after receiving the honour said to the Prince, 'Monseigneur, c'est Ie plus beau jour de ma vie'. The West and la Warr families were shortly afterwards united in marriage and 'Jour de ma vie' was adopted as the family motto.

The information on which these notes are based came largely from Erskine Eyre West who died in 1950.

These arms are also used by the London and Yorkshire (East Rothernam) branches of the family (vide Burkes Armory).

Based on a letter in the Sunday Times June 23rd 1946 from Major G.Cornwallis-West.

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