Georgian Candelabras in Old Sheffield Plate

Date: Circa 1820

Country: England

Stock Number: 8169

An elegant pair of antique candelabra in Old Sheffield plate. Simple classical style with gadroon borders and reed decoration topped with bands of bright cut dot engraving. 3 lights. Will convert to a pair of candlesticks. Detachable sconces. Total height 44 cms. Height of candlestick 30 cms. Spread across branches 43.5 cms. Base diameter 14 cms. English. Circa 1820. Marked on the edge of the candlestick bases with one sun mark, possibly for Matthew Boulton. Old Sheffield Plate*.*

Literature: *Old Sheffield plate was a process used in Georgian times to make articles from a sheet of copper fused with a thin sheet of sterling silver. This process predates the silver plating done today (electroplating) which started in the 1840s. The majority of these silverwares were made in Sheffield, UK (hence the term Old Sheffield plate) which was a major UK centre for silver production.

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