George III Silver Snuffer Tray

Date: 1767

Maker: Ebenezer Coker

Country: England


A good quality antique sterling silver candle snuffer stand of rectangular shape with a flying scroll handle. Good plain design and heavy gauge silver with gadroon borders and applied shell borders. The top has a hand engraved crest.

Weight 226 grams, 7.2 troy ounces.

Height 6cm. Length 18.3cm. Width 8.8cm.

London 1767.

Maker Ebenezer Coker, the candlestick specialist.

Sterling silver

Literature. The snuffer tray was introduced to hold the candle snuffer, a dual purpose scissor like tool which could extinguish the candle flame and also cut the wick of the candle for reuse. There were few snuffers made prior to 1700 and by the early nineteenth century more refined candles were introduced which no longer required the wick to be cut. Snuffer trays are usually rectangular or oval shaped and can sometimes be raised on feet or have a carrying handle. Some early stands, called standing snuffers, are shaped like a candlestick with a side carrying handle and a hole at the top where the point of the snuffer scissors is inserted – these were very quickly superceded by the flat snuffer tray and scissors. It is rare now to find matching snuffers and base. Snuffers and trays were usually made by different specialists so even though the dates match, the makers will probably be different.

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