George III Silver Wax Jack

Date: 1798

Country: England

Stock Number: 8328

An excellent quality antique sterling silver wax jack of circular form with a scissor action. Good plain style and reed borders. The tall column supports a coil of wax, the end of which is held in place in the centre of the drip pan. The small conical snuffer is attached to the top by a long silver chain. Weight 267 grams, 8.5 troy ounces. Height 16.5 cms to top of snuffer. Spread across scissors 11.5 cms. Diameter of base 10.5 cms. Sheffield 1798. Makers mark illegible.

Literature: The Wax Jack was a container or frame holding a long coiled taper treated with wax (sometimes turpentine). The wax was lit to melt the sealing wax used to fasten letters and documents and usually a personal seal was pressed into the hot wax to leave a personal identification. After the wax hardened it was virtually impossible to open the letter without breaking the wax seal. The wax jack could also used as a portable light such as the chamber stick or go to bed.

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