George III Silver Dish Cross

Date: 1766

Maker: Edward Aldridge & John Stamper

Country: England

Stock Number: 8320

An ingenious table server and trivet. An antique sterling silver dish stand in the form of two crossed arms, centrally pivotted, with adjustable shell feet/dish supports and a central spirit warmer, the whole being flat folded for easy storage. The combined legs/dish holders telescope in and out to accommodate different sized plates. Weight 745 grams, 23.9 troy ounces. Adjustable diameter 17/35 cms. Length when closed 35.5 cms. Height 5/9 cms. London 1766. Maker Edward Aldridge.

Literature: Dish crosses are used on the dining table to keep food warm prior to being served and also to keep a hot dish or bowl off the table: It is an adjustable trivet; the legs and brackets are adjustable to fit various sizes of dish, and likewise the cross sections adjust to incorporate a square, oval or rectangular dish, as well as a more typical circular one. The central spirit burner takes a simple wick.

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