George III Silver Coffee Urn

Date: 1790

Maker: Peter Podio

Country: England

Stock Number: 7796

An elegant antique sterling silver samovar of vase form having graceful sweeping handles and a pedestal foot. Lovely plain classical design. There is a hand engraved crest and monogram to the front and lid. Contains 1400 ml. Weight 1341 grams, 43.1 troy ounces. Height 37 cms. Diameter of top 14 cms. Spread across handles 19.5 cms. Base 10 x 10 cms. London 1790. Maker Peter Podio.

Literature: Tea Urns, also known as samovars, were used for keeping hot water to replenish the teapot. They were not usually found before about 1765 and the early ones were heated with charcoal. About 20 years later more sophisticated designs were produced after the introduction of a pre heated iron rod which could be placed into the tea urn within a central tube. By the year 1800 the use of spirit lamps underneath the urn became popular. Smaller urns were made specially for coffee and these normally didn't have a heating device.

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