George III Silver Butter Shells

Date: 1810

Maker: William Burwash and Richard Sibley

Country: England


An excellent quality pair of Georgian silver dishes with gilded centres. Charming little feet in the form of a whelk shell. Gilt interior. Suitable for butter or sweets. Engraved to the front with an elephant crest.

Very good weight of 376 grams, 12 troy ounces.

Tops measure 10.2 x 11 cm.

Height 4cm/1.5cm.

London 1810.

Maker William Burwash & Richard Sibley.

Sterling silver.

Literature: Antique Silver Dishes were originally made for very specific purposes such as the shell “butter” dishes and scalloped “strawberry dishes” which first appeared in the early 1700’s. During the later 18th and 19th centuries an extensive range of small open silver dishes evolved which make a practical addition to any dining table.

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