George II Silver Bowl

Date: 1735

Maker: Joseph Sanders

Country: England


A large antique sterling silver bowl of plain, circular form on a spreading foot. Unusually good size for this period and suitable for bread, fruit and flowers. Excellent quality and good gauge silver. Hand engraved to the front is an armorial within a large decorative cartouche.

Weight 1367 grams, 43.9 troy ounces.

Height 17.2 cm. Diameter 26 cm.

London 1735.

Maker Joseph Sanders.

Sterling silver

Literature. Antique Silver Punch Bowls were introduced in the late 1600’s. Food at this time was heavily spiced and a cooling drink was needed such as wine or the newly fashionable punch. Hence the requirement for a large bowl which could be filled with either a drink or ice. Some were fitted with a shaped removable rim which could be used to hold stem glasses, punch ladle and lemon squeezer and a bowl of this type is referred to as a Monteith.

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