Antique Silver Jockey Cap Caddy Spoon

Date: 1798

Maker: Samuel Pemberton, Birmingham

Country: England

Stock Number: 8663

A rare and collectable early silver caddy spoon in the form of a jockey cap. It has a ribbed design and a plain centre button with the initial "G" in old fashioned script. Weight 8 grams. Measures 5.5 x 3.8 cms. Birmingham 1798. No maker's mark* but almost certainly made in Birmingham by Samuel Pemberton. For a similar example see 'Caddy Spoons, an Illustrated Guide' by John Norrie, plate 95c.

Literature: Caddy spoons were made from 1780 onwards and come in numerous designs. They were designed to measure 1 spoonful of tea and were usually kept with the tea caddy. Rare examples, such as this one in the form of a jockeys cap, can command a high price.

Signed/Inscribed: *On page 87 of 'Caddy Spoons, an Illustrated Guide', by John Norrie, in the section about jockey cap caddy spoons, John Norrie writes: 'A proportion of these (ribbed jockey cap caddy spoons), seem to have been stock items for the retail trade, for they are frequently found assayed, usually with the sterling, duty and date marks, but without a maker's mark. In other cases the date letter is missing.' At this period small items were exempt from being fully marked.

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