Antique Indian Silver Teapot

Date: Circa 1910

Country: India

Stock Number: 8711

Of colonial interest. A delightful antique silver teapot with embossed decoration all over of a hunting scene. With an elephant finial and stylised elephant handle and spout. The body has an interesting decoration of a jungle inhabited by elephants, lions and wild cows; to one side there is an elephant, with his mahout, and riding on the howdah* a hunter is taking aim at a group of lions, on the other side the man on horseback is shooting a gun and is accompanied by his hunting dog. Weight 547 grams, 17.5 troy ounces. Height 11 (to top of finial). Spread 23.5 cms. Stamped underneath with Indian silver marks for Bombay. Circa 1900.

Literature: *A howdah is a carriage mounted on the back of an elephant, or occasionally some other animal such as a camel, used to carry wealthy people or for use in hunting or warfare. As a symbol of wealth for the owner it was often decorated with expensive gems.

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