Charles II Gilt Silver Salver on Foot

Date: 1667

Maker: William Norman

Country: England


An outstanding piece of early English silver. A rare antique silver tazza, dating from Charles II period, having a plain form, thick gadroon borders, and a bright gilt finish. To the centre is a large, hand engraved coat of arms within a plumage feathers cartouche, very typical of the period. The quality of the piece is excellent and the finish is very crisp.

Weight 1135 grams, 36.4 troy ounces.

Diameter 33cm. Height 6.2cm.

Sterling silver.

London 1667.

Maker “WN ”, probably William Norman* (courtesy of Dr David Mitchell’s “Silversmiths in Elizabethan and Stuart London”). There is a gilt salver on foot by Norman in the Duke of Portland’s collection catalogued in 1935.

Literature. *The first surviving record, after the fire at Goldsmiths Hall, is the 1682 copper plate made to start the recording process again. This has recently prompted a study by Dr David Mitchell, supported by Goldsmiths Hall, resulting in the publication of his 2017 “Silversmiths in Elizabethan and Stuart London”. This reference work identifies previously unknown makers marks and assigns marks struck on existing plate to individuals (attributions for 540 separate marks).

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