Charles I Silver Tazza

Date: 1634

Maker: Benjamin Francis

Country: England

Stock Number: 9394

A fine piece of early English sterling silver. An antique sterling silver footed salver (or paten) of plain form with a simple reeded border. Small size. Superb colour. Uninscribed. Total weight 93 grams, 3 troy ounces. Diameter 12.5 cm. Height 2.5 cm. London 1634. Makers mark possibly "BF" for Benjamin Francis (Jackson's page 109), a known maker of salvers and patens.

Literature: From the 17th century until the reign of George I salvers (often called tazzas) were raised on a pedestal foot. By 1700 some were made with the foot unscrewing. Very occasionally this type will also have 3 or 4 feet so that the salver can be used on a lower level

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