Antique Dutch Silver Marriage Casket

Date: Circa 1660

Country: Netherlands

Stock Number: 9471


A rare 17th century silver wedding box “knottekistje” with a domed and hinged cover and swing handle. The pierced body has scrolling foliage, flowers and birds.

Weight 268 grams, 8.6 troy ounces.

Height 8.1cm. Length 10.2cm. Depth 6.3cm.

Stamped underneath with the flower mark.

Circa 1660.

Maker unidentified.

Literature: A knottekistje or wedding casket is a small Frisian money casket usually made of silver. Traditionally, a man's promise of marriage to his future bride was formal when he presented her with a coin knotted into a costly cloth (knottedoek). This later became a textile bag and then in the seventeenth century a silver casket (knottekistje). The boxes are usually rectangular with a semicircular lid and stand on ball feet although they also occur in the form of round or hexagonal boxes.
They are often delicately engraved with symbolic scenes about love and marriage, sometimes accompanied by a proverb or motto.

Friesland is a province of the Netherlands located in the northern part of the country.

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