Vintage Silver Cutlery for 8

Date: 1998

Maker: United Cutlery

Country: England

Stock Number: 9243

A comprehensive cutlery set of 8 place settings in the popular Kings pattern. 72 pieces including a full set of fish knives, fish forks and silver handled dinner and dessert knives. Total weight 3,645 grams, 117.2 troy ounces excluding knives. Sheffield 1998. Made by United Cutlery.

Literature: 8 dinner forks 731 grams, 23.5 troy ounces, L21.2 cm
8 dessert forks 470 grams, 15.1 troy ounces, L18.4 cm
8 soup spoons 617 grams, 19.8 troy ounces, L17.6 cm
8 dessert spoons 605 grams, 19.4 troy ounces, L18.2 cm
8 fish knives/forks 930 grams, 29.9 troy ounces, L21.1/17.6 cm
8 tea spoons 292 grams, 9.3 troy ounces, L13.6 cm

Sterling silver handles with stainless steel blades
8 large knives L24.4 cm
8 dessert knives L21.6 cm

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