George III Silver Chamber Stick

Date: 1778

Maker: John Crouch & Thomas Hannam

Country: England

Stock Number: 7737

An elegant antique sterling silver go to bed with plain classic styling and bead borders. To the front of the chamber stick is a hand engraved crest. The matching candle snuffer and nozzle are detachable. Weight 317 grams, 9.9 troy ounces. Height 9 cms. Diameter 13 cms. London 1778. Maker John Crouch and Thos Hannam.

Literature: Chambersticks first made an appearance in the 17th century and early examples are now very hard to find. Originally they were made in sets as a household would need many chambersticks. They were used for lighting the way to bed and because of the movement created when they were carried about they needed a large drip pan to catch the wax. The earliest examples have straight handles (first flat, then tubular) which were superceded in the first part of the 18th century by a ring handle. Gradually the design evolved and from the mid 18th century onwards they usually had a matching conical snuffer although from about 1790 onwards some were made with an aperture at the base of the stem to take a pair of scissor snuffers.

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