Antique William III Silver Bowl

Date: 1700

Maker: George Garthorne

Country: England

Stock Number: 9109


An early English silver punch bowl from the pre Queen Anne period. *Britannia standard silver. With charmingly quaint lions mask drop ring handles, the foot with a bold gadrooned border. The body decoration, typical for a monteith of the period 1690-1702, has a series of asymmetrical lobed panels intersected by spiral flutes of matted background which closely resemble cornunucopia. Weight 1200 grams, 39oz. Diameter 24.5 cm. Height 15.5 cms. London 1700. Maker George Garthorne, a specialist bowl maker.

Literature: The Monteith bowl is mentioned in Anthony Wood's diary in 1683 however the first recorded examples do not appear until the following year (ref. Georgina E. Lee Monteith Bowls). Food at this time was heavily spiced and a cooling drink was needed such as wine or the newly fashionable punch. Hence the requirement for a large bowl which could be filled with either a drink or ice, and to which a shaped removable rim could be used to hold stem glasses, punch ladle and lemon squeezer. A bowl of this type is referred to as a Monteith.

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