Antique William III Miniature Silver Coffee Pot

Date: Circa 1695

Country: England

Stock Number: 8202


A charming little antique silver toy coffee pot. This beautiful little side handle pot has a cylindrical tapering body, a conical lid surmounted by a ball finial, and a low spout akin to those more usually found on a chocolate pot. Engraved to the upper handle are the owner's initials "C.P". The pot looks like an exact copy of a full size original and the great attention to detail and slightly larger size than normal toys of this period indicate that it may well have been a traveller's sample. Contains 20 ml. Weight 60 grams, 1.9 troy ounces. Height 8 cms. Spread 5 cms. Diameter of base 3.5 cms. Marked on the body with makers mark only "WP"* - noted for making toy cups and porringers (see Jacksons Welsh and Unascribed English Provincial section, page 521). Circa 1695.

Literature: Silver toys in the 16th and 17th century were made predominately for the children of kings and queens. The Dutch were the leading manufacturers, their most prolific period being 1725-1750, and by then wealthy royalty, landowners and business men were buying toys for their own pleasure as well as that of their children's. During that period England was still suffering under Puritanism and it wasn't until the Restoration of Charles II in 1660 that silver toys were made available in this country. The earliest English silver toys date from 1665 and were made in London; it was uncommon for toys to be made in the provinces.

Signed/Inscribed: *It is unusual to have a makers name for a piece of silver of this early date as there are no precise records of silver makers marks prior to 1681. All records were destroyed in the fire at Goldsmiths Hall in that year when the Assay Office and apartments of the Assayer and Clerk in the south west wing of the building were burned down. Sometimes the details of makers can be discovered from old records such as the inventories of noble houses and other institutions.

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