Antique Vienna Porcelain Miniature Box

Date: Circa 1850

Country: Austria

Stock Number: 8122

A rare 19th century hand painted box with the Vienna blue underglaze porcelain mark. The hinged lid is painted with a Greek mythological scene depicting the Three Graces and the interior has a brass metal lining with a richly gilded finish. The exterior porcelain surround is painted with bands of gilt foliate scrolls and geometric motifs on a deep crimson maroon background, typical of this factory. The underside is painted with interlaced gilt foliate scrolls on a white background inset with the Royal Vienna beehive stamp in blue underglaze. Height 3.5 cms. Top 9.5 x 6.75 cms. Made in Vienna, Austria. Circa 1850.

Literature: The Graces were daughters of Zeus, the King of the gods, and the Oceanid Eurynome.
There were three Graces in Greek Mythology: Aglaia, the Grace that symbolized Beauty, Euphrosyne, the Grace of Delight and Thalia, the Grace of Blossom. According to Greek poet Pindar, these enchanting goddesses were created to fill the world with pleasant moments and goodwill.

Usually the Graces were attending the Greek goddess of Beauty Aphrodite and her companion Eros and loved dancing around in a circle to Apollo's divine music, together with the Nymphs and the Muses.

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