Antique Silver Wax Jack

Date: Circa 1840

Country: Continental

Stock Number: 7561

An antique silver wax jack with umbrella shaped cover, carrying handle and wax winder. A very decorative piece - the cast side supports are beautifully modelled winged figures and there is a little flower bud where the wax comes out at the top. Engraved initials on the thumb piece. Height 14 cms. Weight 187 grams, 6 troy ounces. Marked around the edge of the base with continental silver stamps. Circa 1840.

Literature: The wax jack was a container or frame holding a long coiled taper treated with wax (sometimes turpentine). The wax was lit to melt the sealing wax used to fasten letters and documents and usually a personal seal was pressed into the hot wax to leave a personal identification. After the wax hardened it was virtually impossible to open the letter without breaking the wax seal.

The wax jack could also used as a portable light such as the chamberstick or go to bed.

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