Antique Silver Scent Bottle

Date: 1881

Maker: Sampson Mordan & Co

Country: England

Stock Number: 8019

An antique silver double ended scent bottle. Elegant slim style. The ruby glass body has two separate compartments, one end has a screw silver cap and the other has a hinged silver cap. Length 10 cms. Diameter 1.75 cms. Sterling silver. London 1881. Maker Sampson Mordan, famous for his quality propelling pencils and scent bottles.

Literature: Victorian and Edwardian ladies often carried their chosen perfume with them, and many scent bottles were designed as jewellery pieces. The practice of wearing tight corsets also regularly caused woman to faint, so they had to carry smelling salts with them. This led to the double-end perfume bottles to be created, which would contain perfume on one side and smelling salts on the other.

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