Antique Silver Reliquary Casket

Date: Circa 1830

Maker: Augsburg

Country: Germany

Stock Number: 8635

An antique silver casket with hinged lid and decorative finial. The exterior is decorated with panels depicting the 12 apostles. The interior retains the original bright gilding. Weight 372 grams, 11.9 troy ounces. Height 10 cms. Base measures 13 x 8 cms. Stamped underneath with German silver marks for Augsburg circa 1830.

Literature: Reliquaries
Christian belief in the power of relics, the physical remains of a holy site or holy person, or objects with which they had contact, is as old as the faith itself and developed alongside it. Relics were more than mementos.
Reliquaries are the containers that store and display relics. Since the relics themselves were considered "more valuable than precious stones and more to be esteemed than gold," it was considered only appropriate that they be enshrined in vessels, or reliquaries, crafted of or covered by gold, silver, ivory, gems and enamel. These precious objects constituted a major form of artistic production across Europe and Byzantium throughout the Middle Ages.

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