Antique Silver Inkstand

Date: 1847

Maker: Gr Collis & Co

Country: England

Stock Number: 8006

A handsome antique sterling silver inkstand having a broad tray with a shaped edge and scroll and flower decoration. Impressive size and weight. To front and back there is a recess to hold pens and on top there are 2 heavy cut crystal bottles. The central lidded box for nibs etc has a large contemporary inscription in old Welsh script and is mounted with a miniature chamberstick (this would have held a taperstick for sealing wax). The quality of this piece is exceptional, particularly the deeply embossed decoration on the bottle tops and the heavy faceted crystal bottles. Weight of silver (excluding bottle tops) 986 grams, 30.6 troy ounces. Base 26 x 18 cms. Birmingham 1847. Maker GR Collis & Co.

Signed/Inscribed: All pieces are English silver hallmarked except the bottle collars. Fully marked – inkstand and chamberstick bases. Part marked – candle snuffer, nib box, inkwell holders, inkwell tops and chamberstick sconce

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