Antique Silver Centrepiece

Date: Circa 1890

Country: Germany

Stock Number: 8614

A magnificent antique silver centrepiece of oval form supported by 4 large dolphins. The quality of this piece is excellent. The base has a shaped band of embossed gadroon decoration and the feet are in the form of gush of water ejected from the dophin's mouth. On top there is a fine quality cut glass bowl. Weight of silver 1528 grams, 49.1 troy ounces. Total height 18 cms. Base 34 x 26.5 cms. Glass bowl 31.5 x 23 cms. German silver stamps crown and moon. Silver fineness "800"*. Circa 1890.

Literature: *800 is a grade measure of silver, lower than sterling silver which is 925 parts out of 1,000

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