Antique Silver Bosuns Whistle

Date: 1859

Maker: George Unite

Country: England

Stock Number: 7959

Of nautical interest. A medium size antique silver whistle with traditional curved design, scrolled wire work detail and hand engraved wriggle work design. Complete with suspension ring. Inscribed to one side with the owner's name "W Bevis". Weight 13 grams. Length 9.25 cms. London 1859. Maker George Unite.

Literature: The bosun (or bo'sun or boson) whistle derives its name from 'boatswain', a warrant officer on a warship, or a petty officer on a merchant vessel, in charge of rigging, anchors, cables, etc.

Historically it was used to pass commands to the crew as its high pitch could be heard over the activities of the crew and bad weather.

In present days it is used in traditional bugle calls announcing certain events and ceremonies in modern navies.

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