Antique Silver Betel Box

Date: 1801 -1899

Country: India

Stock Number: 7873


An ornate antique silver box having 3 compartments with double hinged lids. The body is heavily chased with flowers and leaves and the handles are formed as a flower head and leaf. Excellent quality and weight. The tall centre finial acts as a locking mechanism and the lids won't open until this has been unscrewed and removed. Unmarked silver. Circa 19th century. Probably Indian.

Literature: Betel boxes are used to store and carry paan and the various ingredients that go into making a chewing paan. Paan is basically a preparation made out of of betel leaf (piper betle),areca nut, quicklime (slaked lime) paste (Calcium Hydroxide) and a brown powder paste of katha (or Kaatha).

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