Antique James I Silver Beaker

Date: 1614

Country: England

Stock Number: 8492

A rare early English antique sterling silver beaker of tall, plain design. At 6 inches the height is in keeping with its early date; mid 17th century beakers were shorter, about 3 to 4 inches high. Around the top there is a band of hatched foliate decoration; this was used from the Elizabethan period up to about 1620. The foot is decorated with a stamped egg and dart ornamentation typical of this period. Contains 400 ml. Weight 224 grams, 7.2 troy ounces. Height 14.8 cms, 6 inches. Diameter of top 8.6 cms. London 1614. Maker "SF" or "FS" (Jacksons page 107, Pickford edition). *it's very rare for marks of this period to have a name associated with it.

Signed/Inscribed: *There are no precise records of silver makers marks prior to 1681 as all records were destroyed in the fire at Goldsmiths Hall in that year when the Assay Office and apartments of the Assayer and Clerk in the south west wing of the building were burned down. This maker was working in the 1609-1618 period, a specialist cup maker.

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