Antique German Silver Cup

Date: Circa 1690 -1700

Country: Germany


A fine antique silver drinking beaker with bright original gilding. Half ribbed decoration with swags of foliate scrolls on a stipple background. Weight 85 grams, 2.7 troy ounces. Height 5.5 cm. Diameter 5.5 cm. Stamped underneath with assay scrape and German silver mark for Augsburg circa 1690-1700. Maker’s mark “PG”. See Rosenburg ref. 819, number 202 (photos attached).

There is a matching cup available #9576 

Literature. The cup is similar in form to a tumbler cup. Tumbler Cups were made from the mid-17th century onwards. They are made from thick gauge sheet silver which was hammered up so that the sides become thinner towards the top and the rounded base would have the greater weight. When they are knocked over they will automatically right themselves. A very useful drinking cup to use onboard ship.


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