Antique German Silver Beaker

Date: Circa 1750

Country: Germany

Stock Number: 9033

A good antique silver beaker of tapering form, the body with an extensive band of hand engraved fish scale decoration. Heavy gauge silver. Original gilt interior. Contains 100 ml. Weight 71 grams, 2.2 troy ounces. Height 7.2 cms. Diameter 5.6 cms. Marked underneath with "12" and another German silver mark. Circa 1750.

Literature: German silver marks. Pre 1888 antique German silver was based on different town mark symbols and the silver fineness was indicated in "loth" (12 loth = 750/1000, 13 loth = 875/1000, 15 loth = 937/1000). In 1888 the 'crescent moon and crown' marks were adopted together with the fineness of silver usually "800" = 800/1000. This system is still in use today.

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