Antique Georgian Silver Marrow Scoop Spoon. by Hester Bateman

Date: 1782

Maker: Hester Bateman, London

Country: England

Stock Number: 8148

A rare and very collectible item by this sought after English lady silversmith. This George III sterling silver spoon is double ended, with a regular spoon end and a narrow scoop end for scooping marrow out of bones. Weight 59 grams, 1.8 troy ounces. Length 23 cms. London 1782. Maker Hester Bateman.

Literature: The marrow scoop, used for scooping marrow from a bone, was made in great quantities during the 18th century. Probably only one or two were provided with a service for a dozen people and therefore were used communally. The earlier examples have fatter and shorter bowls.

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