Antique George II Ladle by Paul de Lamerie

Date: 1734

Maker: Paul De Lamerie

Country: England

Stock Number: 7753

An excellent antique sterling silver ladle by this important and sought after Huguenot silversmith. With the plain style typical of this date this ladle has a plain oval shaped bowl and a long turned wood handle. The bowl underside is mounted with a strapwork tail and there are some engraved initials. Length 20 cms. Bowl length 7.75 cms, 6 cms. London 1734. Maker Paul de Lamerie.

Literature: Punch ladles were introduced in the early 1700's and differ from other ladles in the fact that they have turned wood or twisted whalebone handles. Originally they had round bowls which were superceded in about 1735 by egg shaped bowls. Later on lips were added and after 1760 they were often inset with silver coins.

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