Antique George I Silver Lemon Strainer

Date: 1717

Maker: Robert Kempton

Country: England

Stock Number: 9438


A rare early English antique sterling silver strainer of circular form with a turned over rim. The bowl has drilled pierced holes in a flower shape and long shaped handles with pierced decoration.

Weight 79 grams, 2.5 troy oz.

Spread 16.6cm. Diameter 8.5cms. Height 3cm.

London 1717.

Maker Robert Kempton.

Literature: Orange or lemon strainers were peculiar to the 18th century and were probably used in conjunction with punch bowls to filter out the fruit pips. They were made with one or two handles. The one handled strainer sometimes had a small tongue or lug on the opposite side of the handle which may have been used to hook it on to the side of the punch bowl. The strainers are normally marked in the piercing in the centre of the bowl. These strainers are popularly used nowadays as tea strainers although the size is larger than a normal tea strainer.

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