Antique French Silver Tea Caddy Box

Date: Circa 1795

Country: France

Stock Number: 8731

A very smart antique silver caddy box of plain rectagonal form having a hinged lid and original gilt interior. This delightful tea box has a band of hand engraved decoration around the sides and on the lid. Weight 346 grams, 11.1 troy ounces. Height 10.5 cms. Top 6 x 9.5 cms. Marked on top, around the top edge of the body and underneath with French silver marks. Circa 1795. High grade 935 silver.

Literature: A Tea Caddy is a box, jar, canister, or other receptacle used to store tea. The word is believed to be derived from 'catty', the Chinese pound, equal to about a pound and a third avoirdupois. The earliest examples that came to Europe were Chinese tea canisters in blue and white porcelain with china lids or stoppers.

Tea in the early 18th Century was expensive, and also there was a tax on tea. so early tea caddies were small and made in precious materials such as silver, shagreen or tortoiseshell which reflected the valuable contents within.

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