Antique Commonwealth Silver Lidded Tankard

Date: 1656

Maker: George Dixon

Country: England

Stock Number: 9242

A rare early English silver flat top lidded tankard in sterling silver with a scroll handle and decorative thumb piece. Circa 1640 is the earliest date at which this tankard shape occurs and it's unusual to find a tankard from this turbulent period and early date. Very charming with small size and hand beaten silver the tankard displays a lot of character; a nice feature is the pointed front of the lid. Contains 520 ml. Weight 451 grams, 14.5 troy ounces. Height 13.2 cm (to top of thumb piece). Spread 15.7 cm. Diameter 8.9 (inside top), 12.3 cms (base). London 1656. Maker probably George Dixon. Fully marked on lid and base, handle unmarked.

Literature: The Commonwealth was the period from 1649 to 1660 when England and Wales, later along with Ireland and Scotland, were ruled as a republic following the end of the Second English Civil War and the trial and execution of Charles I. The monarchy was restored in 1660 with the coronation of Charles II. Silver from this period is very rare.

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