Georgian Silver Candle Snuffer

Date: 1811

Maker: John Roberts & Co

Country: England


An unusual Georgian sterling silver candle snuffer having a conical body and a long looped handle formed from silver wire. There is a side hook to stand it on the side of a chamber or candle stick when not in use. To the front is a hand engraved crest.

Weight 29 grams, just under 1 troy ounce.

Height 18 cm. Diameter 3 cm.

Sheffield 1811.

Maker John Roberts & Co, a specialist candlestick maker.

Literature. Two different types of candle snuffers, or douters, were used to extinguish the flame of a candle. The extinguisher, a small cone on the end of a long handle, and the snuffer, a dual purpose scissor like tool which could extinguish the candle flame and also cut the wick of the candle for reuse. There were few snuffers made prior to 1700 and by the early nineteenth century more refined candles were introduced which no longer required the wick to be cut.

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