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We stock fine early English and Continental antique silver from the Queen Anne, Georgian, Victorian and art deco periods. Our selection includes a comprehensive range of decorative and collectible silver objects. We stock silver items that can be used every day in the home and for special occasions.

Antique Silver Model Animals and Figures

  • Sterling silver models of animals, fish, birds
  • Figures in antique silver and ivory
  • Sterling silver model boats, trains, cars etc

Antique Silver Basket, Dish, Tazza

  • Antique silver cake baskets, fruit baskets, sugar baskets and sweetmeat baskets
  • Roll dishes, bread dishes
  • Tazzas

Antique Silver Biscuit Box

  • Traditional all silver biscuit boxes
  • Cut glass and silver biscuit boxes
  • Novelty biscuit boxes
  • Double and triple folding biscuit boxes

Antique Silver Bowl

  • Antique sterling silver sugar bowls
  • Antique silver punch bowls, monteiths and rose bowls
  • Silver centrepiece bowls
  • Silver and silver plate fruit or salad bowls

Antique Silver Boxes

  • Antique silver tea caddy box
  • Sterling silver cigar box
  • Antique silver snuff box or money box
  • Silver casket
  • Cards box, jewellery box, ring box
  • Enamel cigarette case, cigar case, vesta case
  • Antique silver snuff boxes and vinaigrettes
  • An antique silver box for every occasion

Antique Silver Cakestand

  • 2 or 3 tier cake stands with silver plates
  • Wedding cake stands
  • Mirror plateaux

Antique Silver Candlesticks, Chamberstick, Wax Jack

  • Early English and antique Continental silver
  • Candle holders
  • Antique silver and Old Sheffield plate
  • Telescopic candlesticks
  • Corinthian column candlesticks
  • Old Sheffield plate candlesticks

Antique Silver Candelabra

  • Antique sterling silver candelabra from 2-6 lights
  • Old Sheffield plate candelabra
  • Large decorative silver centrepiece candelabra

Antique Silver Centrepiece, Epergne

  • Pairs of sterling silver vases
  • Silver epergnes with flower flutes and hanging baskets
  • Table Centrepieces with crystal bowls
  • Antique silver centrepiece bowls
  • Silver jardinieres - some with glass liners

Silver Cigar and Cigarette Boxes
Smokers Accessories

  • A selection of antique and art deco
  • Cigar boxes and cigarette boxes
  • Cigar cutters
  • Match strikers
  • Cigarette case, cigar case, vesta case, card case

Antique Silver Claret Jug

  • Antique silver wine ewers
  • Sterling silver wine jugs
  • Silver and crystal claret jugs
  • Silver wine carafes

Antique Silver Coffee Pot, Chocolate Pot, Cafe au Lait

  • Antique sterling silver coffee pots in all styles
  • Silver chocolate pots with side handles, swivel tops
  • 2 and 3 piece silver cafe au lait sets

Antique Silver Collectibles, Novelty Items

  • Sterling silver menu and place setting holders
  • Silver napkin rings and baby gifts
  • Sewing and travelling related
  • Miscellaneous small items
  • Novelty silver

Antique Silver Condiments and Cruets

  • Sterling silver salt cellars, pepper pots and mustard pots
  • Oil and vinegar sets
  • Boxed silver condiment and cruet sets
  • Silver 4,6 and 8 bottle cruet frames
  • Antique silver castors and shakers
  • Early Britannia silver casters

Antique Silver Cup, Chalice, Goblet, Beaker

  • Sterling silver trophy cups with/without lids
  • Antique silver chalices, goblets
  • Silver coconut cups, stirrup cups, wager cups
  • Early silver porringers
  • Silver beakers
  • Silver patens

Vintage Silver Drinks and Bar Related Items

  • Antique silver drinks and barwares
  • Sterling silver and silver plate champagne buckets and ice buckets
  • Silver and silver plated cocktail shakers including novelty shakers
  • Antique silver hip flasks with crocodile or leather
  • Tantalus, decanters, drinks trays

Antique Silver Flatware, Cutlery, Canteen

  • Silver canteens in a box or table
  • Sterling silver cutlery in sets or individual pieces
  • Boxes of silver fish and dessert cutlery
  • Mother of pearl/ivory handles
  • Sterling silver ladles, basting spoons, asparagus tongs, marrow scoops, grape scissors etc
  • Cake Trowel
  • in antique sterling silver and silver plate

Antique Silver Inkstand and Desk Items

  • Sterling silver gallery inkstands
  • Silver and crystal ink bottles
  • Desk sets and accessories

Antique Silver Jug, Sauceboat, Argyle

  • Sterling silver cream jugs
  • Antique silver wine jugs and ewers
  • Georgian silver beer jugs
  • Sauce boats and gravy boats
  • Pap boats and feeders
  • Early silver argyles

Antique Miniature Silver

  • An interesting selection of
  • Dolls house furniture
  • Musical instruments
  • Wager cups
  • Boxes and other miniature silver objects

Antique Silver Mother of Pearl Cutlery

  • Silver/silver plated cutlery with real mother of pearl handles
  • Boxes of 6 and 12
  • Dessert cutlery
  • Fruit cutlery
  • Combination serving sets

Antique Silver Mug, Tankard

  • Antique silver tankards
  • Early English sterling silver lidded tankards, some with flat tops
  • Silver mugs
  • Sterling silver christening mugs
  • Early English silver black jacks

Antique Silver Platters

  • Silver Platters, Chargers, Dinner Plates
  • Silver serving dishes, first and second course dishes
  • Lazy Susans

Antique Silver Salver, Waiter

  • Antique silver salvers from the Georgian, Victorian and Art Deco periods
  • Early English and Continental antique sterling silver salvers, waiters and early silver footed salvers
  • Old Sheffield plate


Antique Silver Teapot and Tea Related Items

  • Georgian, Victorian and Art Deco
  • Antique sterling silver teapots
  • Early English silver bullet teapot
  • Silver tea strainers
  • Silver teapot stands

Antique Silver Teaset, Coffee Service

  • Georgian, Victorian and Art Deco silver tea sets
  • Sterling silver tea and coffee services
  • Silver tea set on tray

Antique Silver Tea Urn, Spirit Kettle

  • Sterling silver and old Sheffield plate
  • Antique Georgian silver tea urns and samovars
  • Antique Victorian silver tea kettles

Antique Silver Tray

  • Antique sterling silver trays from the Georgian, Victorian and Art Deco periods
  • Old Sheffield plate trays
  • Antique silver gallery trays and tea trays, oval and rectangular
  • Silver snuffer trays

Antique Silver Tureen, Serving Dish

  • Sterling silver soup and sauce tureens
  • Venison dishes and dish covers
  • Entree dishes and vegetable dishes
  • Antique revolving breakfast dishes and chafing dishes
  • Misc. silver dishes for eggs, asparagus, grapes etc

Antique Silver Wine Related Items

  • Single and pairs of silver wine coolers
  • Antique silver wine bottle coasters
  • Decanter waggons and trolleys
  • Sterling silver wine funnels
  • Wine bottle stands
  • Brandy pans and corkscrews
  • Wine antiques in antique sterling silver

Miscellaneous Antique Silver

  • Catering items such as beef trolleys, duck presses, sweet trolleys, dinner gongs
  • Antique silver clocks
  • Antique silver carriage clocks
  • Architectural
  • Decorative
  • Other unusual objects

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